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How to earn money online easily now in India -100% working latest updated July 2019

How to earn money online easily now in India – 100% genuine & legal latest updated 2019.

If you watch cricket/football and if you live in India, what if I say you have a chance of winning up to 1 lakh+ winnings daily -Would you believe it or not ?

If yes, read below about Fantasy Sports apps in India.

So basically all you have to do is to watch and follow cricket, yes that’s it. In India where cricket is considering as a religion, it’s a simple task and we know it.

What is fantasy sports?

It’s an online game app where users play against each other by joining different contests. Contests mean you can join by adding money like ₹10 – ₹100 its totally upto you. Actually, it seems like betting but it’s not, I will answer this question next.

Is it legal in India? Or is it like betting?

No & No. Because it is “Game of Skill” not “Game of Chance”. The difference is the game of skill is 100% legal in India.

Finally, the Court held that the Fantasy Sports is a legitimate business activity protected under Article 19(1)(g) of the Constitution of India.

How can I download the app, does it available in google playstore ?

Play store doesn’t allow real money involving apps, so you have to download the APKfrom their website itself. From this itself, we can know that it involves real money ₹.

How can i play this ?

It’s very simple. Basic 3 steps we can discuss now.

  1. Create your own team– If a match is happening, eg – India vs Pakistan. So we will create an 11 player team from both the team.
  2. Join Contests – There will be a lot of contests ranging from free contest to lakhs of winnings.
  3. After the match ends– According to the points your players got, the rank will be decided.

Which is best and most trusted app ?

There are lot of apps in the market, so there will be confusion. Here take my suggestion. App’s name is IFL – Indian Fantasy League.

Which is 100% genuine + most trusted app among the other apps in India.

Download now & get ₹150 signup bonus cash instantly when you join now.

IFL app – Indian Fantasy League is the #1 trending fantasy sports app in India. App is available in android and ios platforms. Currently, they provide fantasy cricket with daily matches with daily winnings of 1 lakh+

Features which make IFL unique and makes it perfect :

  • More chances of winnings – Create up to 12 teams per match
  • Create upto 12 teams – Two modes of deadline is there : Fair Play (30 min before the match starts + Safe Play (when match starts)
  • Smart Contests – You can also win gadgets like mobile phones, laptops, smart watches & lot more by winning contests along with money.
  • Use upto 100% bonus cash in joining contests – unlike other apps bonus cash has maximum validity.
  • 24/7 Customer Support (Whatsapp care + Call support)
  • 24 hour quick withdrawal guarantee.
  • 1 hour PAN card verification.
  • Daily winnings of 1 lakh+
  • Refer & earn – Get ₹150 which is maximum payout for any app in market.
  • 100% cashback for first deposit.
  • Playing XI available in app itself.
  • & lot more

IFL have a variety of contests to join like Mega Contests, Head to Head Contests, Winner takes all, Leagues, Practise contests, Beginners contests.

Click here to download the app.


So happy earning money everyone!

Play big and earn big.



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