Chelsea Fc wins Europa League 2019 cup & coach Sarri got his own way to celebrate

Chelsea Fc wins Europa League cup 2019 & Chelsea coach Sarri got his own way to celebrate.

We always know Sarri for his love of smoking & high temper on pitch. Chelsea won UEFA Europa League, huge final match against Arsenal for 4-1 & registers Sarri’s first ever cup winning of his football coaching career. It was a high pressure game for him because his position at Chelsea was at risk if he loses this game.

Fans were furious at him for making changes in the team & altering the playing formations of players.So after the huge win this happened –

Also twitteratti went crazy for him after the win, he was trending after a long time for a good thing. See some of the reactions for yourself here :

The latest rumor is that he is been linked to Juventus back to his league Serie A. Also Juventus team management had a meeting with Chelsea management at Baku where Europa League happened. So this almost confirms it.

We have to wait for these to confirm, stay tuned…!!


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